The 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil - Games of the XXXI Olympiad - Jogos Olímpicos de Verão de 2016 - Jogos da XXXI Olimpíada - ब्राजील में 2016 ग्रीष्मकालीन ओलंपिक - 2016 Summer Olympics - 2016年夏季奧運會在巴西 - Olympics in Rio - Olimpíadas no Rio - रियो में ओलंपिक - Juegos Olímpicos en Río de Janeiro - دورة الالعاب الاولمبية في ريو - リオのオリンピック - Jeux Olympiques de Rio - Olympischen Spiele in Rio - โอลิมปิกในริโอ - 리오의 올림픽 - রিও সালে অলিম্পিক্স

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Rio Olympics Threats

What are the Rio Olympics Threats?

From Around the World

The global media has reported on a great number of the pessimistic news about the approaching Rio Olympics: the outbreak of Zika virus; overcrowded hospitals turning away patients; cadavers, body part, human waste floating in the waters where swimming events are planned to be held; drug dealers selling cocaine in bags furnished with the Rio Olympic symbols; uncompleted metro lines; a fire in the Athletes Village; some athletes were robbed; early terrorist plans; presidential impeachment; alarming budget deficits. The list seems to be endless. Here are a few examples:

Rio 2016: The Calamity Games

Rio braces for Olympic terrorist threats

Researchers Warn Of Rio 2016 Malware As Olympic Searches Return Threats

Experts: Rio Travelers to Face Barrage of Security Threats

Armour: The four biggest threats to Rio Olympics

Brazil arrests 10 in terror plot as Olympics near

Running on fear: the threats that could ruin Rio’s Olympic dream

Rio Olympics problems no fun and games

Rio Olympics security firm fired, maligned police force takes over

Rio problems: Photos paint troubled picture ahead of Games

Emergency maintenance team working on issues with Rio Olympic Village

Rio Olympics 2016: Great Britain hires plumber to fix leaks, damages at Games Village

Antibiotics. Plastic Suits. Bleach.

1,400 athletes are at risk of getting violently ill

Social issues and 10 other stories to watch at the Rio Olympics

Rio Olympics’ sporting highlights risk being submerged in murky waters

China issues safety warning to citizens traveling to Rio Olympics

Rio 2016: Are Brazil and the host city ready to host the Olympics?

‘Please fix my toilet': Olympic teams suffer through problems at Rio’s Athletes’ Village

Brazil’s national guard threatened to drop out of Olympic security over lack of beds, pay

The Rio Olympics have been beset by problems as all Games are...

Traffic is emerging as another problem in Rio, and some Olympics organizers reportedly regret giving the city the games

Rio 2016 Olympics: Water Quality Problems

Who prevails at Olympics: Rio’s people or problems?
You learn quickly that there is a difference between Brazilians and Brazil

As ISIS Posts in Portuguese, U.S. and Brazil Bolster Olympics Security

Rio Olympics: Brazil weighs jihadi threats

'Credible threat' that ISIS will target the Rio Olympics

5 Worst Things About the Rio Olympics So Far

Ranking the biggest threats to Team USA in the 2016 Olympics

The Dark Side of the Olympics That No One Talks About

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The Rio 2016 Olympics Disasters

The US Olympic Committee has recently warned that Rio de Janeiro 2016 Summer Olympic Games may not be safe at all. And some politicians predicted a few disasters. 

Indeed, there are many things to worry about: the political unrest in the country, the outbreak of Zika, oozing water at the event venues, just to mention a few. 

The US Olympic Committee reported to U.S. sports federations that those athletes who felt it was unsafe for them to go to Brazil should not go. 

Brazil is currently in deep economic crisis. The Brazilian Rial has lost almost a third of its value in 2016, and the number of jobless has almost reached 10 percent. Also, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff is currently involved in an extensive bribery scandal related to the petroleum corporation, Petrobras.

The pollution is another serious problem. It may not be safe for the athletes to go swimming or boating. An examination of the levels of bacteria and microorganisms from social sewage confirmed horrible facts. The quantities were extremely dangerous. Test results showed that the contamination was approximately 1.7 million times higher than normal. As a matter of fact, the contestants would be competing in sewage. Unfortunately, the Olympics hosts have done practically zero to address these problems.

Given the above, it is not surprising that the Committee advised athletes to stay home instead of risking their lives in Rio. 

Zika, water pollution, political unrests, and probably some other threats. Who knows? Will Rio Olympics be remembered as the worst in history?

Abridged from The Big Lead, 2/9/16.

What are the most famous landmarks in Rio?

These four MUST be visited in Rio:

  • The giant statue of Christ the Redeemer - "Cristo Redentor" - on top of Corcovado Mountain (one of the New Seven Wonders of the World)
  • Sugarloaf Mountain - Pão de Açúcar
  • The Sambódromo - the parade avenue where you can see Carnivals
  • Maracanã Stadium - perhaps the largest on the Globe.

What does 'Rio de Janeiro' mean?

Rio de Janeiro (short name is Rio) means 'January River'

Rio is the second largest city in Brazil with the population of more than 6 million. People speak Brazilian Portuguese there.

Rio de Janeiro is the most popular city in South America (and perhaps in the whole Southern Hemisphere). This city is famous for its amazing carnival celebrations, samba, Bossa Nova, and balneario beaches. 

How many fans will come to the Olympics in Rio?

Thousands of sports fans will come to Rio in August 2016. They will come with flags of their countries. There will be more than 100 000 Rio fans in Rio Olympics.

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